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It is now compulsory in Nigeria for ONLY license teachers to teach in Nigeria School System. The Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria has the mandatory power to register and license teachers in Nigeria and for teachers to be registered and licensed in Nigeria by TRCN, a compulsory PQE – Professional Qualifying Examination is required.

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Nigerian Teachers Professional Qualifying Examination Online Assessment/Revision Portal was put-together in response to teachers anxiety for what to prepare with and get familiarise with comnputer-based tests

1.0 What is PQE – Professional Qualifying Examination? – Click Here to Read More
2.0 Categories of Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE) – Click Here to Read More
3.0 Courses and Syllabus for Teachers’ Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE) – Click Here for FULL LIST OF 23 Courses

4.0 Frequency of Examination – The examination will hold two times in a year in March and September each year on a date to be announced by TRCN.

5.0 Registration for ExaminationThe registration for the examination shall be done on the normal TRCN form for registration of teachers. The form contains an acknowledgement that equally serves as Examination Admission Card with the candidate’s passport duly stamped by TRCN. Therefore, candidates must ensure that upon submission of their completed registration form at any TRCN office, they collect the card and come with it to the examination venue. Candidates shall obtain TRCN registration form from any TRCN office and Desk Officers nationwide after payment of registration fees stipulated for their category.

6.0 Pass mark – The pass-mark for the PQE is 50%. Candidates who score this mark or above will be automatically registered and their certificate released to them promptly while those that score less than 50% will take part in the next PQE to see if they can make it.
7.0 Re-sit of Examination/ProbationCandidates who fail the PQE have two more chances left to write the examination again. Candidates who fail the PQE thrice will be barred from taking the examination for a minimum of one year. The candidates are expected to undertake a refresher course at any Faculty/School/College of Education or the National Teachers’ Institute as may be specified by TRCN for that purpose.

Candidates who are re-sitting the PQE shall pay a re-sit fee that will from time to time be prescribed by TRCN. Non- professionally certified teachers shall be barred from holding positions of responsibility in the education sector.

8.0 – TRCN Offices Nation-wide – Click Here for FULL LIST

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DISCLAIMER: The PQE Assessment Tests as well as the entire information on this portal was put-together to help Nigerian teachers become sensitive to the TRCN Professional Qualifying Examination syllabus and depth of examination coverage. Teachers are advised to refer to necessary textbooks to clarify concepts and definitions. For more information, visit the nearest TRCN State Office