PQE 001 – History of Education – Course Contents

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PQE 001 – History of Education – Course Contents

NB – The course has been sub-divided into each category of teachers. You are advised to prepare for all categories

PQE 001: History of Education
Category D: Category C: Category B: Category A:
NCE Teachers Graduate Teachers Master Teachers Doctoral Teachers
History of Concept and Rationale of
History of Education; History of Ancient Greek and Roman Education; African Traditional Education; Islamic Education in Nigeria; Onset of Western Education in Nigeria; Nigerian Education after Independence in 1960; Evolution of primary and Junior Secondary Education in Nigeria.
Concept and Rationale of A survey of education
history from the ancient time to date; Ancient Western and traditional African education systems; Global contemporary education practices; History of Education in Nigeria; Significant landmarks in the emergence, development and growth of higher education in Nigeria.
Educational development in
Western, History of Education; Nigeria with emphasis on
traditional and History of Ancient Greek the evolution of current
Islamic and Roman Education; educational policies and
Education  in African Traditional practices. Traditional,
Nigeria and Education; Islamic Islamic and modern systems
their impact on
present system of Education in Nigeria
Education in Nigeria;
Onset of Western Education in Nigeria; Nigerian Education after Independence in 1960; Evolution of primary and Junior Secondary
of education in Nigeria. The
role of educational supervisory commissions in policy making. The
National Policy on Education and the Nigerian Constitution.
Relating current Appraising Nigeria‟s
educational system, general educational
polices, challenges and
successes to the history of Western, Traditional and Islamic Education in Nigeria.
challenges and proposing
remedies in the context of historical lessons and experiences of Nigeria and other countries.
Overview of the National Policy on Education – The national philosophy, objectives and directive principles related to education; the national educational philosophy,
goals and values; types of education and critical issues recognized by the
National Policy on
Education; etc. Traditional African Education, its functionality and relationship with modern education.
Brief account of the Early Greek and Roman Education in the Western World.
Introduction of Christian Missionary/Western Education to Nigeria: Covering the pre-colonial through the
Independence to the present time.
Origin and development of Islamic Education in Nigeria.
Current issues in
Nigerian Education: The
6-3-3-4 system; the prospects and constraints of the PPP – Public Private Partnership – model in the ownership and control of education; etc.

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