TRCN – Nigerian Teachers Code of Conduct (A Must Read for Nigerian Teachers)

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The National Policy on Education (4 TH Edition 2003) has the expectation that teaching in Nigeria shall attain the highest standards possible. Therefore, the following are excerpts from its statements on teacher education and professionalisation in Nigeria :

• Since no education system can rise above the quality of its teachers, teacher Education shall continue to be given major emphasis in all educational planning and development.

• The goals of teacher education shall be to:

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(i) Produce highly motivated, conscientious and efficient classroom teachers for all levels of our educational system;

(ii) Encourage further the spirit of enquiry and creativity in teachers.

(iii) Help teachers to fit into the social life of the community and the society at large, and enhance their commitment to national goals.

(iv) Provide teachers with the intellectual and professional background adequate for their assignment and make them adaptable to changing situations; and

(v) Enhance teachers commitment to the teaching profession.

(4c) All teachers in educational institutions from shall be professionally trained. Teacher education programmes shall be structured to equip teachers for the effective performance of their duties. The following institutions, among others, shall give the required professional training, provided they continuously meet the required minimum standards:

• Colleges of Education
• Faculties of Education
• Institutes of Education
• National Teacher Institutes (NTI)
• Schools of education in the polytechnics
• National institutes for Nigerian languages (NINLAN);
• National Mathematical Center (NMC)

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• Teaching is a legally recognized profession in Nigeria ; in this regard, Government has set up the Teachers’ Registration Council to control and regulate the practice of the profession.
• Those already involved in teaching but not professionally qualified shall be given a period of time within which to qualify for registration or leave the profession

• Newly qualified teachers shall serve a period of internship – one (1) year for degree holders and two (2) for NCE holders.

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