TRCN – Nigerian Teachers Code of Conduct (A Must Read for Nigerian Teachers)

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(a) The Functions of TRCN

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria was established by the Act No 31 of 1993. The
Act charges the Council with the following functions, among others:

(I) Determining who are teachers for the purpose of this Act.

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(ii) Determining what standards of knowledge and skill are to be attained by persons seeking to become registered as teachers under this Act and raising those standards from time to time as circumstances may permit.

(iii) Securing in accordance with the provisions of this Act the establishment and maintenance of a register of teachers and the publication from time to time of the lists of those persons.
• Regulating and controlling the teaching profession in all its aspects and ramifications. (v) Classifying from time to time members of the teaching profession according to their
levels of training and qualification.

• Performing through the council established under this Act the functions conferred on it by this Act.

(b) Teachers Code of Conduct

The TRCN Act section 9 (6) empowers the Council to make rules which are not inconsistent with the Act as to acts which constitute professional misconduct.

(c) Teachers Investigation Panel (TIP)

The TRCN Act in section 9 established a Teachers Investigation Panel with the following responsibilities:

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(i) Conducting a preliminary investigation into any case where it is alleged that a member has misbehaved in his capacity as a professional teacher, or should for any other reason be the subject of proceedings of the committee, and

(ii) Deciding whether the case should be referred to the Teachers Disciplinary Committee
The Panel shall be set up in each state of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Members of the Panel shall be appointed by TRCN after consultation with the state Ministries of Education or the Federal Ministry of Education in the case of the FCT. The Panel shall consist of five members one of which shall be a legal practitioner.

(d) Teachers Disciplinary Committee (TDC)

The TRCN Act section 9 equally established the Teachers Disciplinary Committee. The TDC is
a tribunal which is responsible for considering and determining any case referred to it by the TIP. The TDC consists of the chairman of TRCN and ten other members appointed by the council.

(e) Penalties for Unprofessional Conduct

The TRCN Act section 9 empowers the TDC to punish a member where:

(i). He is judged by the committee to be guilty of infamous conduct in any professional respect or

(ii) He is convicted by any court or committee in Nigeria or elsewhere having power to award imprisonment, or of an offence ( whether or not punishable with imprisonment) which in the opinion of the committee is incompatible with the status of a teacher

(iii) The committee is satisfied that the name of any person has been fraudulently registered.

To erring members, the TDC may award penalties such as: (a ) advice (b ) reprimand, (c ) suspension for months , and
(d) deletion of name temporarily or permanently from the Teachers Register.

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