TRCN – Nigerian Teachers Code of Conduct (A Must Read for Nigerian Teachers)

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46. Right to information:
Teachers should provide parents/guardians with all relevant information about activities, progress and problems concerning their children/wards as and when required.

47. Regular communication:
Teachers should communicate regularly with parents/guardians regarding the affairs of their children or wards. They should respect the confidence of both parents, children/wards who may bring personal matters to their notice.

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48. Respect for parents/guardians:
Teachers should show courtesy and respect to parents/guardians and offer maximum co- operation in dealing with issues concerning their children or wards.

49. Favouritism:
Teachers should resist taking gifts, favours, and hospitality from parents and guardians, which are likely to influence them to show favours to their children/wards in the performance of their duty.

50. Association with parents/guardians:
Teachers should encourage and actively participate in parent/teachers association ( PTA ), which is likely to impart positively on the learner and general educational programmes.

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