TRCN PQE October Diet 2018 Results – Yobe State (Full List)

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TRCN PQE October Diet 2018 Results – Yobe State (Full List)


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1 Bitrus Bukar Maina YB/PQE/B018/R/00001 C
2 Hauwa Hamman YB/PQE/B018/P/00060 D
3 Mohammed Ali Rashida YB/PQE/B018/S/00017 D
4 Adamu Bah YB/PQE/B018/T/00001 B
5 Muhammad Audu Dahiru YB/PQE/B018/T/00002 B
6 Abdullahi Ibrahim Alkali YB/PQE/B018/P/00055 C
7 Maimuna Sanda YB/PQE/B018/P/00090 D
8 Ari Idi YB/PQE/B018/T/00003 B
9 Thomas Ndahi Audu YB/PQE/B018/S/00002 C
10 Aishatu Usman Garba YB/PQE/B018/P/00024 D
11 Rueben Gwari Andrew YB/PQE/B018/S/00009 D
12 Maryam Ajiya Alkali YB/PQE/B018/T/00006 C
13 Iliya Nuhu YB/PQE/B018/S/00003 C
14 Abdullahi Ibrahim YB/PQE/B018/P/00041 D
15 Miss Ann Mbantuwa YB/PQE/B018/P/00070 D
16 Muhammad Haruna YB/PQE/B018/P/00011 D
17 Mercy Ali YB/PQE/B018/P/00010 D
18 Jalo Abba Kale YB/PQE/B018/P/00002 D
19 Ahmadu Bukar YB/PQE/B018/T/00004 B


20 Mohammed Isa YB/PQE/B018/S/00010 C
21 Ibrahim Mohammed YB/PQE/B018/P/00091 D
22 Hafsat Sani YB/PQE/B018/P/00040 D
23 Aisha Alhaji Alhassan YB/PQE/B018/P/00078 D
24 Ibrahim Yakubu YB/PQE/B018/P/00052 D
25 Adamu Auwalu YB/PQE/B018/P/00012 D
26 Hussaini Dahiru B. YB/PQE/B018/P/00086 D
27 Susanna Hassan YB/PQE/B018/S/00006 D
28 Auwal Mohammed Mamuda YB/PQE/B018/P/00067 D
29 Also Mohammed Nuhu YB/PQE/B018/P/00056 D


30 Amina Shehu Usman YB/PQE/B018/P/00092 D
31 Lawan Yusuf YB/PQE/B018/P/00049 D
32 Falmata Anas YB/PQE/B018/P/00068 C
33 Mohammed Imam Rabiu YB/PQE/B018/S/00007 C
34 Muhammad Sambo YB/PQE/B018/S/00004 C
35 Modu bukar YB/PQE/B018/S/00008 D
36 Hajja Amsa Bukar YB/PQE/B018/P/00087 D
37 Hadiza Abdullahi YB/PQE/B018/P/00003 D
38 Auta Yakubu YB/PQE/B018/P/00038 D
39 Abigail Andrew YB/PQE/B018/P/00004 D
40 Saleh Abubakar Waziri YB/PQE/B018/P/00037 D
41 Hauwa Ibrahim YB/PQE/B018/P/00075 D
42 Hauwa Babale YB/PQE/B018/P/00001 D
43 Saleh Mohammed YB/PQE/B018/P/00042 D


44 Garba Yahaya YB/PQE/B018/P/00036 D
45 Hafsat Makama Ahmad YB/PQE/B018/S/00016 C
46 Maryam Muhammaed Shuwa YB/PQE/B018/P/00066 C
47 Mohammed Nura YB/PQE/B018/P/00073 D
48 Saidu Mohammed YB/PQE/B018/P/00084 D
49 Iliya Lawi YB/PQE/B018/P/00059 D
50 Ibrahim Haruna YB/PQE/B018/P/00093 C
51 Shuaibu Idi YB/PQE/B018/S/00012 C


52 Fidelia Peter YB/PQE/B018/P/00053 D
53 Daduwa Dogon Yaro YB/PQE/B018/P/00079 D
54 David Hassan YB/PQE/B018/S/00001 D
55 Ishaku Musa YB/PQE/B018/P/00047 D
56 Fatsuma Muhammad Yalwa YB/PQE/B018/P/00065 D
57 Audu Saidu YB/PQE/B018/P/00058 C
58 Hannatu Malum Gebriel YB/PQE/B018/P/00016 D
59 Hasiya Ali Kida YB/PQE/B018/P/00074 D


60 Abdullahi Adamu YB/PQE/B018/S/00023 C
61 Adama Hashim YB/PQE/B018/P/00069 C
62 Bilkisu Mohammed YB/PQE/B018/P/00015 D
63 Garba Umar YB/PQE/B018/P/00029 D
64 Fatima Muhammed YB/PQE/B018/P/00089 D
65 Idriss Adamu Alkali YB/PQE/B018/P/00054 D


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