Teachers Professional Qualifying Examination Online Assessment Tests

Hello and welcome to the Teachers Professional Qualifying Examination Assessment Tests Portal – Powered By ASSURE Educational Services.

NB: The purpose of this portal is to allow intending teachers practice ahead of the bi-annual TRCN PQE, and your performance is independent of your proposed examination.

The 23 PQE Courses plus ICT has been spilted into 4 Tests, and each test contains over 240 questions from each of the courses attached and for all categories.

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Kindly read the following instructions:

  1. You are to spend 20 minutes for 40 randomly generated objectives questions with 4 options lettered A-D.
  2. When not sure of an answer, don’t guess, else, you will score (-1) negative one mark for every incorrect option.
  3. Think through before you select your answer. You cannot change your answer after selection.
  4. You have three trials per test, that is, you can re-test yourself three times on each of test 1, test 2, test 3 and test 4.
  5. Scroll down to select your choice test below: