Teachers Professional Qualifying Examination Online Practice Tests

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NB: The purpose of this portal is to allow intending teachers practice ahead of the bi-annual TRCN Professional Qualifying Examination for Nigerian Teachers

Kindly read the following instructions:

TRCN Teachers Professional Qualifying Examination Online Assessment Tests - Click Here!
  1. You are to spend 5 minutes for 10 randomly objectives questions from over 30 questions available per course with 4 options lettered A-D.
  2. When not sure of an answer, don’t guess, else, you will score (-1) negative one mark for every incorrect option AND THIS IS CUMULATIVE.
  3. Think through before you select your answer. You cannot change your answer after selection.
  4. If time allocated to you elapse, your will be barred from selecting answers to questions. You are to scroll down the page to click the submit button.
  5. After submission, your overall score and score in each of the subject will be displayed on the screen. Also, your performance in each of the questions attempted, your answer and the correct answer will be displayed on the screen. A copy will be sent to your email address inbox for you to print.
  6. Are you ready? Scroll down this page to select PQE course you wish to practice.

Information and Communication Technology – Practice Test (for FREE)
PQE 001 – History of Education
SyllabusPractice Test

PQE 002 – Philosophy of EducationSyllabusPractice Test
PQE 003 – Sociology of EducationSyllabusPractice Test
PQE 004 – Educational PsychologySyllabusPractice Test
PQE 005 – Guidance and CounsellingSyllabusPractice Test

PQE 006 – The Teaching ProfessionSyllabusPractice Test
PQE 007 – Teacher EducationSyllabusPractice Test
PQE 008 – Classroom Management and School OrganisationSyllabusPractice Test
PQE 009 – Educational TechnologySyllabusPractice Test

PQE 010 – Subject MethodologySyllabusPractice Test
PQE 011 – Theory and Practice of Child-Friendly School (CFS)SyllabusPractice Test
PQE 012 – Curriculum StudiesSyllabusPractice Test
PQE 013 – Measurement and EvaluationSyllabusPractice Test
PQE 014 – Educational ManagementSyllabusPractice Test

PQE 015 – Special EducationSyllabusPractice Test
PQE 016 – Education of Special Target Groups/Adult EducationSyllabusPractice Test
PQE 017 – Comparative EducationSyllabusPractice Test
PQE 018 – Educational StatisticsSyllabusPractice Test

PQE 019 – Educational Research MethodsSyllabusPractice Test
PQE 020 – English Language and Communication SkillsSyllabusPractice Test
PQE 021 – Use of LibrarySyllabusPractice Test
PQE 022 – Basic MathematicsSyllabusPractice Test
PQE 023 – Micro TeachingSyllabusPractice Test