World Teachers Day Celebration Online Quiz for Nigerian Teachers (Win FREE N500 Airtime)

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World Teachers Day Celebration Online Quiz for Nigerian Teachers (Win FREE N500 Airtime) – Click Here to Participate for FREE!

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Welcome to the Teachers Professional Qualifying Examination Assessment Tests Portal - Powered By ASSURE Educational Services.

As part of activities to celebrate Nigerian teachers on the World Teachers Day, ASSURE Educational Services has put-together an online quiz competition to reward Nigeria teachers.

Teachers will be required to answer 5 simple objective questions on the following subjects:
Educational Research Methods
English Language and Communication Skills
Use of Library
Basic Mathematics
Micro Teaching

Kindly read the following instructions:

  1. You are to spend 5 minutes for 10 objectives questions with 4 options lettered A-D.
  2. When not sure of an answer, don't guess, else, you will score (-1) negative one mark for every incorrect option AND THIS IS CUMULATIVE.
  3. Think through before you select your answer. You cannot change your answer after selection.
  4. You can attempt the quiz ONCE (1 trial). Multiple attempt is not allowed. Culprits will be discovered and disqualified.
  5. If time allocated to you elapse, your will be barred from selecting answers to questions. You are to click the next button continuously until the submit button appears.
  6. Prizes will be given as follows:
    10 points earns N500 FREE Airtime
    8-9 points earns N300 FREE Airtime
    6-7 points earns N100 FREE Airtime
  7. After submission, your overall score and score in each of the subject will be displayed on the screen. Also, your performance in each of the questions attempted, your answer and the correct answer will be displayed on the screen.
  8. This quiz expires by 12 midnight of October 5, 2018
  9. Fill the form below and click the next button to Start
Full Name (Surname First)
Location (City/State)
Name of School
email address (Your results will be sent to this address)
Mobile Number (This number will be credited with your winning airtime)
1. PQE 021 – Use of Library

The charging system used in the library exclude the following

a. Newark
b. Bookmark
c. Token
d. Browne
2. PQE – 022 – Basic Mathematics


a. 1 1/2
b. 1 2/3
c. 1 ¾
d. 1 3/5
3. PQE – Information Communication and Technology (ICT)

Computer hardware Include the following except

a. mouse
b. keyboard
c. monitor
d. word processor
4. PQE – Information Communication and Technology (ICT)

Educational technology refers to aspects of education concerned with..

a. Scientific approach to education knowledge
b. Historical development
c. Production of goods
d. Learning
5. PQE – Information Communication and Technology (ICT)

Which of the following is a computer Operating System?

a. Microsoft Word 2000
b. Windows 2000
c. Excel
d. Microsoft PowerPoint
6. PQE 021 – Use of Library

The importance of library in education is the following except

a. It is a central nervous system to education
b. it is a necessary appendage to any educational system
c. It strengthens classroom activities
d. It is compulsory for any government establishment
7. PQE 019 – Educational Research Methods

Research classification according to Forms is not which of the following?

a. Historical
b. descriptive
c. experimental
d. social
8. PQE – Information Communication and Technology (ICT)

To be connected to Internet one needs the following except

a. Computer
b. A modem
c. An Internet service provider (ISP)
d. Cables
9. PQE – 022 – Basic Mathematics

Find the compound interest on N6000 for 3 years at 8% rate per annum.

a. 1855
b. 8155
c. 1585
d. 1558
10. PQE 021 – Use of Library

Which of the following is not part of bibliography services?

a. Indexing
b. literature search
c. Compilation and abstracting
d. Lending


Congratulations! You have just completed World Teachers Day Celebration Online Quiz for Nigerian Teachers (Win FREE N500 Airtime) If your time has elapse, you cannot select answers to questions, kindly click Submit Quiz for you to see your score.

Your detail performance, questions attempted, your answers and the correct answers will be displayed on the screen few seconds after the click of submit button. A copy of your performance report sheet will be sent to your e-mail address inbox (or spam folder) immediately for you to print for further studies.


Score Board for World Teachers Day Celebration Online Quiz for Nigerian Teachers (Win FREE N500 Airtime)

  1. ANIKWE CHINYERE scores (6) out of 10
  2. Akinbola Roqeeb T unde scores (4) out of 10
  3. Famuyiwa Samson scores (5) out of 10
  4. ASAOLU YEMI mathew scores (2) out of 10
  5. Koya olusola scores (3) out of 10
  6. Omoniyi Gbadebo scores (0) out of 10
  7. Adekanmbi kehinde Ibrahim scores (1) out of 10
  8. Agbelusi Moyinoluwa scores (3) out of 10
  9. Enang Ima-obong scores (0) out of 10
  10. Adewumi Adedoyin scores (3) out of 10
  11. Hassan Ahmad scores (0) out of 10
  12. Oguntuase Dayo scores (0) out of 10
  13. Okanlawon Johnson Ademola scores (-2) out of 10
  14. Uzoabaka Echezona scores (-2) out of 10
  15. Koya Opeyemi scores (0) out of 10
  16. Ogundijo Oluwatosin scores (-1) out of 10
  17. Ifedayo Olopade scores (-2) out of 10
  18. Kolawole Jemima scores (0) out of 10
  19. Kukoyi Olubunmi scores (0) out of 10
  20. Tome Grace scores (1) out of 10
  21. Taiwo dayo scores (-2) out of 10
  22. Alaekwe Chinenye scores (1) out of 10
  23. Adejumo Nurudeen scores (2) out of 10
  24. Alade Kazeem Adesola scores (-4) out of 10
  25. Adenipebi Abimbola scores (-1) out of 10
  26. Raji Rodinatallahi Atinuke scores (-4) out of 10
  27. faleti Olusola Taiwo scores (-6) out of 10
  28. Baaji malumta Ali scores (-4) out of 10
  29. Muhammadu Yusuf scores (-6) out of 10
  30. Yusuf Muhammad scores (-6) out of 10
  31. Omoniyi scores (0) out of 10
  32. Hassan Ahmad scores (0) out of 10

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The Tests Administrator,
ASSURE Educational Services
07063397940, 08050701465
[email protected]

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